Laboratory Design: Hood achieves UL status

LM Air Technology’s PFH Series polypropylene fume hood product line is the first product of its type to achieve UL 1805 classification. The hoods have been designed, engineered, and tested to incorporate the latest in technology, performance, and ergonomic design. The UL 1805 standard, a respected third-party standard, encompasses the overall construction, quality, materials, electrical (NEC with UL components), flammability, acid testing, and ASHRAE 110 containment performance. PFH Series hoods have been designed to function properly at the current lower face velocities and can be used as variable flow or constant volume hoods. A sleek flush design is incorporated into the front face and counterbalanced sash including the under-sash-mounted airfoil. PFH Series hoods are available at 34-in. deep (fitting through standard door openings) in sizes from 3- to 8-ft wide. Vented base cabinets are incorporated and integral to the hood.


Click here to read the complete press release.

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